This year, SlyVinyl was introduced to a remarkable Russian 5-piece of dreamweavers and psychedelic reevers called Pinkshinyultrablast.  We fell in love instantly, and they’ve reciprocated the affection with a sprawling 2-tracker sure to tickle your vibrating viscera.

The title track is a perfect testament to Pinkshiny’s gift for seamlessly weaving shoegaze and dream pop into a genreless, formless jaunt.  It’s an ecstatic, joyful, alien-like celebration of sound.  Imagine a battle of the bands between Ride and Cocteau Twins, throwing the mic back and forth to each other and melding into one body.  Wowee zowee, it’s so good.

Club Ac-30 will be honoring them with the vinyl pressing and, according to our Pslychedelic Sindre Ernst, their wax “is always the sickest.”  I’d take his word for it and shell out the extra yankee bucks to get this thing shipped overseas.  Pinkshinyultrablast, wherever and whenever they came from, will surely be the missing chainlink to world peace and enlightenment.  That’s worth a $20, ain’t it?

The Details

1. Kiddy Pool Dreams
2. Kitty's Cool Beams

The pressing of "Kiddy Pool Dreams" is on a 110g 10" vinyl, limited to 300 copies, and will be with a frosted pink, purple and blue effect. All copies with come with free digital downloads of both tracks. We'll ship them from the AC30 mailorder approximately one week before the actual release date of 2nd October.

Thanks to Sindredelica for the tip!

Price $19.47

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