Full Earth Greeting feels like a greeting to another planet. Paw Paw’s latest effort reminds me of the vast, epic, cinematic post-rock expanses that the likes of Valley of the Giants, Do Make Say Think and Füxa have made. Full Earth Greeting‘s psychedelic tones are subtle, not obnoxious, and they help soften up the constitution of the album’s make-up instead of making them abrasive. This is an album you can put on to calm down or drift off in to the land of dreams after a long day. When I close my eyes and hear this, I just envision myself in the middle of a cool desert looking up at the stars I usually can’t see due to all the light pollution. Think of Paw Paw, while you’re listening to this, as a sort of guide to a world you can clearly envision but can’t quite touch. Listen to Full Earth Greeting below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Eston Lathrop aka Paw Paw returns with an even more evolved full length. Taking circular guitar patterns, totemic drumming and mixing in a new layer of bumbling synth movements recalling some of the finer points of his involvement in past Woodsman records 'Full Earth Greeting' puts Lathrop's stamp on the what he refers to as other - 'World' music.

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