The first time I heard about Painted Palms is when I saw them open for of Montreal almost two years ago – May 2011, to be exact. In the details below, it actually talks about how they came to tour with of Montreal. The ambiance to their live set up was unlike anything I had seen to that point, and every other show that I’ve been to hasn’t quite replicated it. The muted tropical colors covering their persons and of course, they had some palm trees. They’ve had only one EP until this point, and that was released two years ago on Secretly Canadian. With the 7″ officially releasing last week, this makes Painted Palms’ official debut on the ever-prolific label Polyvinyl. The A-Side “Carousel” slides under three minutes, with its subdued guitar, bass lines, percussion and piano. The simple hook will have you singing along, and might even get stuck in your head – this goes for the wordless vocals as well. The B-Side, “Click,” provides a very fun and colorful soundscape with a kind of elastic energy, the instrumentation echoing their former touring mates, of Montreal. To be honest, I’m not sure why these two don’t switch sides. The B-Side seems to show much more ambition than its A-Side, but that’s just my opinion I suppose. The A-Side is apparently going to appear on the band’s debut album, slated to release this year. Polyvinyl said the debut’s expected to see release in early 2013, but aren’t we kind of nearing the end of that?  Check out “Carousel” and “Click” on Spotify below and see what you think of this release. Of course, feel free to check out the band’s EP as well. If you end up liking that, Polyvinyl is selling it as a black 12″ and their site says there’s only five left! Cheers!

The Details

Painted Palms is the music project of cousins Reese Donohue and Chris Prudhomme. Their collaboration began as song ideas passed back and forth via email, but didn't truly take shape until of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes discovered their EP online and invited them to open for of Montreal on a nationwide tour.

Shortly after the tour began, Painted Palms' self-released EP, Canopy, was re-released by Secretly Canadian. The band continued to tour the US over the next year, opening for the likes of STRFKR and Braids to name a few.

Painted Palms spent most of 2012 writing and recording their debut album, which is expected to see release in early 2013.

Carousel, the band's second release, is limited to 500 copies.

The A-side "Carousel" is the lead track from their upcoming album, while B-side "Click" is exclusive to the 7".

Release Date: Apr 2, 2013d

Price $6

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