Another solid garage-psych release from Nowhere that is reminiscent of Tame Impala with about 10 times more energy. A great farewell to summer. Grab this one on Clear Orange w/ Red Swirl (limited to 135), Opaque Red ($15), or Black ($14)!


The Details

Let's face it, spite is the greatest of all muses. Support and encouragement are nice, but when confidence is forged in the fires of it being said you can't do something, is there really a better creative force? This appears to be the case with most bands from Cleveland, whether it was Pere Ubu in the 70's, Death of Samantha in the 80's, or Prisonshake in the 90's, for whatever reason(s), bands from this Midwest city always seem to play with a chip on their shoulder. It feels and sounds like it's damn near a necessity. With Nowhere's Matthew Rolin, whose groups over the last decade (Poor Sailor, Shoreway, and Glass Cities) all seem now to have been a necessary progression towards Nowhere, his inspiration like so many before him also seems steeped in spite. Playing every instrument, singing and recording every note, he's taken giant steps while locked away with each new project of his to where any irony of this latest effort being called Nowhere, certainly, is not lost in the mix. Dialed in and deftly adding to the sum of his influences; further building the psych-rock Tower of Babel atop such solid foundations of Syd Barrett and the Paisley Underground's Rain Parade, to even that of some of its newest constructs with Dungen and Tame Impala, Nowhere's self-titled offering, from beginning to end, strives to be one of the best listens of the year. Just bubbly enough for pop, just driven enough for rock, and just tweaked out enough for psych, about the only problem with this album is that each listen through conjures up dreams of a happy haze kaleidoscope of hot summer days, and yet, it's coming out late in the year with winter fast approaching. Cleveland winters can be particularly harsh, but at least with Nowhere, there's a fire burning defiantly strong within that's sure to keep us all warm." - Michael James Pultz (Loop Music, and the Defend Cleveland Show)

Price $17

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