Talk about complete packaging! This double LP from the German “psychedelic ambient rock masters” My Sleeping Karma is as beautiful as the music found within the grooves. Artist Sebastian Jerke ( pulled out all of the stops for this limited release: Mindblowing gatefold full-color cover, with four different graphics covering the sides. The eleven tracks unwind on the first three sides and the fourth one is left blank so you can contemplate your bellybutton.

If you are not yet familiar with My Sleeping Karma, check out the video of the first track, “Prithvi”. It pretty much sets the scene for their music, which continually reminds me of a dark storm building over the ocean.

Napalm Records and the band have done it up right with this release and you can snatch it up in a number of limited variations. Note that although the record details mentioned Side D being a silkscreen, mine came without it. I assume this might just be for the colored vinyl versions listed below.

The pre-order is up now and releases on June 9, 2015.

2 LP picture disc set w/gatefold cover- Limited to 500 copies

2LP Gold vinyl w/Side D etching and poster- Limited to 300 copies

2LP Purple viny w/Side D etching, poster and slipmat- Limited to 100 copies (SOLD OUT)


Those ordering from outside the US should use this link to order:


The Details

Be it one of their live shows, be it one of their albums: Germans My Sleeping Karma never fail to create an unique and hypnotic score of epic proportions that is bound to send the listener on deep mental journeys. On their fifth album Moksha, the instrumental groove rockers show us their most varied side: blusterous waves of riffs embrace fragile melody lines, Eastern mysticism has its place and ghostly sound shivers lead eternal rhythms to new horizons. Yes, this word is abused way too ofte these days - but My Sleeping Karma are pure magic.

Track Listing:

Side A:
1. Prithvi
2. Interlude 1
3. Vayu
4. Interlude 2

Side B:
5. Akasha
6. Interlude 3
7. Moksha
8. Interlude 4

Side C:
9. Jalam
10.Interlude 5
11. Agni

Side D:

Price $24.99

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