This debut, in a sense, has been a decade in the making from Louisville, KY band Murals. Violet City Lantern is due out in February of next year. So far, it’s looking like the first quarter of 2016 is going to be loaded. Murals’ lead single, titled “Long Bridge,” will bring to mind the lightly psychedelic folk-infused rock that your parents may have listened to (complete with string flourishes) when you were growing up and, obviously, when they were growing up. Murals, so far, seems like they would’ve fit right in the late 60s/early 70s in the sunny counter-culture hotbed that was San Francisco. Fire Talk hits the nail on the head when they call this something “that wouldn’t be so surprising [to find] in your hippie dad’s record collection or buried deep in the crates of your headiest record store.” Listen to “Long Bridge” below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Formed nearly 10 years ago while in high school the band now known as Murals have traveled a long road to their debut Full Length LP. After some dips and turns the three core members have landed back in their home town of Louisville, KY. They write record and live in a house on a hill in the not so swank part of town - the type of place that acid trips and all day jam sessions go hand in hand. The results are an ever present body of slow churning psychedelic folk that wouldn't be so surprising in your hippie dad's record collection or buried deep in the crates of your headiest record store.

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