Tune in to Moth Effect, an incognito one-man sonic exploration force based in Sussex, UK, releasing his debut-album “Crocodilians” on March 30th via Sunstone Records. Moth Effect presents a droned out blend of psych, kraut, spacerock and leftfield electronical music to name a few ingredients. The available tracks this far proves of a highly enjoyable cosmic effort that is brimful of nifty details and spaced out effects. Buy the ticket, take the ride!

Sunstone Records has pressed 200 albums only for retail, and this will most likely not be repressed.


Moth Effect doesn’t sing. He doesn’t do flashy. Instead, he creates trance-inducing instrumentals that tick all of the “right boxes” for crate digging lunatics. Yes, the key signatures of the ’70s Kosmiche bands can be picked up, as can Quark, Strangeness & Charm era Hawkwind and newer adapters The Soundcarriers, but the artist also takes time to note that ’60s and ’70s psych, garage-rock and soul, pre-punk and new wave, hip-hop and lots of contemporary electronic music also equally appeal and inspire.

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills – Shindig

The Details

Moth Effect is on a one-man mission to give a drone a home. And here at Sunstone we think this is a noble cause.
Based in Sussex, he makes propulsive, spaced-out, tuneful and sometimes slow and spooky tracks, filtered through fuzz, phase and oscillations.
Crocodilians is Moth Effect's first album. (Dig hard enough and you might find two previous EPs out there on the internet...) And Sunstone are happy to announce work will begin shortly on preparing the release on vinyl.
Influences include the spaced moments of 60's psych, Krautrock, spacerock, electronic music and anything that stays on one note for slightly longer than it should. Think Pilz, Ohr, Brain and tune in.

“Moths are drawn towards a light that kills them – like a candle. [There’s] a theory that people are sometimes inextricably drawn to repetitive flashing lights that are actually trying to warn them of a danger,” explains the incognito one man band “Moth Effect”. Crocodilians is his first full-length album.

Price $24

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