RIYL: Brian Wilson's late 60s acid trip

Label: Sub Pop

Morgan Delt deals his rock and roll dose through a murky, acid-soaked stratus cloud, and out of that thick layer comes blurry, weightless psych pop bursting with luscious lofi bliss.  His 2014 debut on Trouble In Mind Records dared to drift into uncharted weird waters with off-kilter tempo changes and experimental tinkering, but it was as listenable as any Beach Boys record.  Beneath its turbid epidermis is a foundation bursting with rich harmonies and pop sensibilities, and other artists quickly took note.  The Flaming Lips were among those immediate fans, and their collaboration with Delt on their Sgt. Peppers tribute album is an essential listen.

That masterpiece of a debut must have impressed Sub Pop Records, as they have now plucked Mr. Delt from obscurity and placed him at the foot of their throne.  First single I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside is about as perfect as pop music can get with all of Delt’s classic psych additives.  Picture Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks somewhere in 1967 playing in a sandbox and eating magic mushroom sandwiches.  It’s sun-soaked sublime madcap, and it can be yours without even stepping outside if you can materialize a cool $17.  It’s red wax, but when music is this good, I don’t care what the color is.  Insta-buy.

The Details

-All customers who pre-order the LP version of Phase Zero will receive the album on Loser Edition red-colored vinyl, while supplies last (available until you read right here that it’s no longer in stock!).
-All pre-orders will also receive any and all pre-release track downloads in advance of the album release as they are made public, which will be available from your SubPop.com account as they become available.
-Customers will be given access to stream the full album up to one (1) month before release day from your SubPop.com account, with your pre-order of the album on any format.

Thanks to Blaniel Doomfield for the tip!

Price $17

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