You’re in San Diego with your buddies, traipsing about the Gaslamp District. You see that the sun is fixing to fade in to the black of night on that ocean horizon and you propose an improptu trip to Tijuana because a) you can b) #yolo and c) it’s Mexico. Pretty good reasons, right? You’re a bit indisposed from the heaps of liquor you’ve been pounding all day, but you entrust the fabled role of D.D. to some guy you only met that day; the rest of your friends are in questionable states of lucidity. You get in the sketchy looking Silverado the D.D. pulls up and the next thing you know, you open your eyes to a relentless sun in the middle of a cloudless sky. Your mouth’s filled with sand and you just see saguaros for miles. It’s so hot out there that you can see the heat waves rippling in the middle of the air. The truck is miraculously near-by and what’s even more of a miracle is that it’s parked and unscathed. You, however, can’t find any of your friends or that driver. You get in the truck and a scorpion is resting on the dashboard. You crank the keys and the tank is on fumes. The radio switches on and Mirage is blaring with its sitar saturated in reverb. How fitting. Check out Mirage below via the Spotify stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Edition of 500
US Release Date: May 21, 2013
1. Cockroach
2. Snake
3. Foodshaker
4. Magaraga
Primordial moves and stone cold drones from this New York duo of Taketo Shimada & Tres Warren. Save for a small long gone edition of CDRs, Mirage is the third full-length release by Messages, recorded in 2008 before their first two albums and has remained unreleased until now. This record documents the duo's earliest long form drone explorations and intonations, most of which were recorded during long sessions in Tres' basement bunker in the East Village. Mixing orbits of homemade acoustic instruments, electric drones & percussion, Mirage is a humid transmission sent straight from the womb.

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