Maston is a man. Maston is a band.    Shadows, the 2013 debut-album by Maston (via Trouble In Mind Records) provided a fantastic piece of baroque psych-pop, drenched in moody cinematic-, french vibes. Frank Maston does some real high quality writing/arranging/performing, and I’m stoked to have this next one on my player soon..  Stroll On Records have assembled material from his two earlier cassettes/CDr  (Opal and Voyages) and added a few extra for “Opal Collection”.  Loads of gold here, that really stands out in the overwhelming flow of psych-influenced pop/rock coming out these days.   I recommend it for a sunday road-trip in your vintage Citroen SM!

Stroll On are only pressing 300 of this one.  150 Jet Black & 150 Electric Blue w/ Sun Shine Yellow, Pungent Purple & Grizzly Green Splatter Vinyl (The latter splatter is exclusive to mailorder!).  Now, there’s one I wouldn’t miss for the world!

NOTE! For a limited time you can buy both color-variations for a combined price of 22£ (that’s aprx 36$)!




Imagine if David Lynch had set Twin Peaks in Malibu instead of the Northwest, & you’ll start to peek inside the world of Maston – Trouble In Mind

The Details

Maston - Opal Collection
300 Only - 150 Splatter Vinyl (Electric Blue with Splatters of Sun Shine Yellow, Pungent Purple & Grizzly Green) / 150 Black Vinyl.
LPs come with link to High Quality MP3 & WAV download.

Please note you can purchase both colours for a combined price of £22 for a limited time.

Side A

1. Gold Leaf
2. Meteor Shower
3. Over The Falls
4. Wigwam
5. Well
6. Pearl Driver

Side B

1. The Companion
2. Potemkin
3. Wish
4. Engrams

In 2013 Maston released his debut full length in the form of the outstanding; 'Shadows' via Trouble In Mind. He is now back with a collection of his earlier works. 'Opal Collection' is an assemblage of music from; 'Voyages' and 'Opal' that weren't on the 'Shadows' release, along with bonus tracks that were recorded around the time. This is a collection of baroque-pop-psychedelic-perfection.

Shipping from October 6th.

Thanks to Lars Sonic Seime for the tip!

Price $22

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