Dub music has probably influenced a lot of whatever you listen to, directly or indirectly. If you don’t know what dub is, it’s traditionally an instrumental cover of a reggae song but they kick up the reverb on the drums, bass and guitar a few notches; heavy emphasis is placed on the drums and bass, though. Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto have taken their brand of cumbia and handed it over to Adrian Sherwood to achieve a smooth dub flavor.

The dub mix of “El Fin Del Mundo” is my favorite track from this. This is a song you want playing as you’re walking off the plane that just landed you smack dab in the Caribbean. The sun’s in full showing, with absolutely no cloud coverage to taint its rays. A greeter just threw you a margarita and of course, you catch it – not a drop was spilled on its way over to your deserving hand. You can see a white sandy beach off in the distance, and the ocean’s shimmering baby blue waters keep washing ashore. You relish the fact that your feet have hit the ground in a paradise; it might not be Heaven, but it’ll have to do. Check out previews of the songs by going through the Buy Now link below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

The first disc on ZamZam’s new 12″ offshoot label: Khaliphonic -

To date, the Portland-based D.I.Y. label ‘ZamZam Sounds’ has released 21 formidable 7″s from the broader dubwise spectrum, each one served in limited, vinyl-only editions, screenprinted and presented with attention to detail.

The new label runs similar rules to the 7″ label, except for the expansion onto longer format vinyl, such as this 12″ for example.
Ran by the same people behind the ZamZam label, you can be sure to expect the same quality of music and delivery.

This first release does in no way disappoint – in fact, it’s probably the most striking thing to come out of their laboratory so far -
The unique amalgamation of Colombian ‘Cumbia Roots’ band ‘Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto’ alongside UK dub veteran ‘Adrian Sherwood’ – adding his touch of dubwise into the mix.
The result is fantastic – a set of tracks that will enchant you with each turn of the disc, organic music played with finesse, and mixed with a delicately psychadelic sense of dub and dread.

As the press-sheet aptly puts it ‘A heart-centered psychogeographical journey from the Carribean coast of Colombia through Jamaican and UK dubscapes.’

As fans of the ZamZam label will know, this will be highly collectable stuff – don’t rely on hindsight, because you may regret it. A superb first 12″ release, and a very promising start for the new label.

Produced by Adrian Sherwood and Diego Gómez, mixed by Adrian Sherwood at On-U Sound.
Assistant Producer: Skip McDonald
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Sound Masters UK.
Special Guests: George Oban (Bass on El Fin del Mundo), Diego Gómez (Bass on Maria Solá), The Ital Horns (Brass on El Fin del Mundo and Maria Solá), Skip McDonald (Keys and Guitar on El Fin del Mundo).

Limited to 650 copies for the world.
No Repress. No Digital.
Hand screenprinted and designed by Polygon Press.

<< PLEASE NOTE: This is an import item, and unfortunately the sleeves have a slight crease in one of the corners, due to shipping damage. We have deducted 50p off each record . See picture. Record playback is not affected. >>

Price $15.87


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