RIYL: Night Beats, The Mystery Lights, Jacco Gardner

Label: Greenway Records

Levitation Room’s 2016 debut album Ethos is a solid slab of 1960s inspired psych rock. I thought the record was one of the better psych rock albums of that year. The band are now back with their first new songs in two years. These tunes pick up extra where their debut left off. Greenway Records has pressed some beautiful hand poured 7-inches for this release. Check out Ethos below and you can listen to the two songs from the new release here.

The Details

All 100 copies are hand-poured by Greenway's Harry Portnof and completely unique. Each cover is numbered out of 100 for this very special edition. There is also a bundle that includes one of the hand pour versions and a test pressing that includes alternative art work by Dan Curran.

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Price $10

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