Castleface continues to be one of my favorite record labels.  All most all of their releases have a limited variant version and recently they have been adding bonus flexi discs to almost every new release that they have.  This repress is no different.



The Details

Very proud to announce that, even though it won't be out in stores for another month yet, we can share the colored vinyl of the excellent record by John's old buddies, La Machine.

Take it away, John:

The year was 1996 (a guess really), when I had La Machine play in our Olneyville warehouse space. It was the first time I danced in front of other people. (I was later told I was really good)

I think maybe it was the first time I can recall where I stood in front of something I would consider modern psychedelic music. Not a rehash of some ghost from the past but something new to me.

We had a plethora of hardcore, improv, and noise bands in New England... but this... this was something different. It was churning and it had a haunting floor - scraping ass on it. It had hints of nausea and a cyclic simplicity that to this day I still love and listen to often. Loudly, stoned driving through the desert. Laughing, they played and my friends skated the quarter pipe my flate mate had built... it was my first successful party and I thank La Machine for it.

Rick Pelletier and John Loper have compiled these tunes for us to release post-mortem, but who knows...maybe they will come back to haunt a warehouse near you...OoOoOoOH. Every song reminds me of when I was younger, stronger, and faster. But now I know enough to release how lucky I actually was to have this stuff around me. And now you can too. Enjoy.

John Dwyer


Unearthed gold from Providence RI circa 2000...repetitive heavy grooves featuring fried out bass and drum echo-delicacies...never before released, now on LP with a download card or CD in a digipak.

Price $17

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