RIYL: King Gizzard / Oh Sees / Slift / Chocolat / Serge Gainsbourg / Wooden Shjips

Label: Crème Brûlée Records

Rare treats, good folks!

Every now and then we stumble upon bands that inherit something quite exquisite, a form of x-factor to further broaden our musical references. French King Sweet brings a fresh take on the indie/psych-sounds that a lot of us love to explore, a scene that has been reinventing itself and quite consistently breaking down genre-barriers over the last decade or so.

Les Douceurs du Roi instantly hit me like an explotion of sweet sounds and harmonies, creating vast soundscapes with a playful approach and references to great acts and artists. Brimful of energy and nifty details, their expression can often draw parallels to the likes of King Gizzard, Wooden Shjips, Slift and Thee Oh Sees, while the keys in here insists on harmonizing on a library/classic 60’s/70’s soundtrack-vibe that plays a great part in their quite unique sound. The production is spot on, and crispy basslines groove out underneath while the drums and treated guitars takes the riffs out of time and space, jumping dimensions like a spaceship fueled on dilithium crystals. A couple of tunes in here lounge it down in a most delicate way, surfacing French brilliance a-là maestros like Serge Gainsbourg and Air. These vibes are certainly apparent throughout the album in general, but in more subtle manners when they jump space.

Tune in and get in on the ground level!  This album shows so much greatness, and I’m 100% certain that we’ll be hearing much more from this bunch.  A small pressing of only 250 records made, this will most certainly be one to treasure in your collection.

Price $16.5

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