RIYL: Eternal Tapestry, The Myrrors, Goat


Formed in Japan in 2013 with Tomo Katsurada and Go Kurosawa at the helm, Kikagaku Moyo quickly and confidently hurtled to the forefront of the psychedelic scene upon the arrival of their debut full-length. Riding high on a broad spectrum of influences, Kikagaku Moyo were naturals at integrating these many elements into their own voice, from Indian traditionals to krautrock to jazz to chamber folk to riff-heavy acid freak-outs. It’s all in there, but it’s 100% a singular sound they’ve finessed with every new record and every tour.

Their live show is not to be missed and an essential experience for any psych fan or active listener. If you’ve indeed never witnessed a happening of this caliber, I’ve got good news. A brand new live record is being released by The Reverberation Appreciation Society that will give you as close to a live experience as possible, with the a-side showcasing one of their first US shows in 2014 and the b-side exhibiting their triumphant return in 2019 to a sold out crowd. Even if you don’t collect live shows on vinyl, you need this one.

The ‘buy’ link takes you to LEVITATION where two gorgeous variants await you, the ‘Dripping Sun’ version and ‘Exploding Star’ colorway limited to 500 copies each. There’s also an indie exclusive version limited to 1000 copies that you can check out HERE. Call your local stores or embark on an online quest to your favorite distros. Watch them perform Smoke and Mirrors at 2014’s Austin Psych Fest below to get a mere taste of the live album. It’s f-ing incredible.

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PRE-ORDER: Vinyl & T Shirts ship around January 15th 2021

$23.98 - Dripping Sun Deluxe Vinyl - Limited to 500
$23.98 - Exploding Star Deluxe Vinyl - Limited to 500

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Price $23.98

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