Tokyo’s premier sonic-chiefs Kikagaku Moyo provides a deeply spiritual and ritualistic psychedelic dish for your aural consumption, blending Japanese sounds with psychedelic peas, prog-potatoes, kraut-wurst, and experimental sauce. The outcome is quite the unique flavour, a real treat for the hungry tune-travellers out there. Highly recommended!

Kikagaku Moyo has gotten quite a lot of attention with their 3rd album “Forest Of Lost Children” released via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records just about a month ago. They also did a US-tour prior to this wich turned out to be quite a success, including a performance on this years Austin Psych Fest. Captcha Records quickly smelled the fuzz, and is now releasing their first two albums on vinyl in the States for the first time.

The Limited Colored versions can only be ordered as a double dish, and will be pressed to the exact number of pre-orders! The official release is set to September 2nd, but there is no telling how long this window will stay open. I advice you to get in on this straight away.



NOTE! There will also be a UK pressing of “Mammatus Clouds” via Cardinal Fuzz limited to 150 copies on Mellow Yellow Vinyl available for pre-order on June 30th HERE
2ND NOTE! The third release “Forest Of Lost Children” is currently available in a second pressing via BBiB Record HERE

The Details

Vinyl PREORDER of the Kikagaku Moyo and Mammatus Clouds LP's. You can only order both records at this time, but you will receive the colored vinyl version of BOTH records.

You will receive these records prior to the 9/2/14 release date. Shortly after you will get a download code.

These records will be extremely limited. Act fast because the demand is high.


KIKAGAKU MOYO/幾何学模様. The name means GEOMETRIC PATTERNS in Japanese. This Tokyo band started channeling the spirits of the Japanese psychedelic underground in the summer of 2012, quickly developing the sound of ‘60s psychedelia to a breathtaking degree. Their debut album exerts an elemental power. Enlivening their sound with sitars, percussive drums, theremins, wind instruments and ethereal vocals, the band manages to sound powerfully spacious and lazily serene all at once. Their songs can be light as air, or heavy as earth. Many evolve out of intense experiences of engagement with the natural world. The album’s first track, “Can You Imagine Nothing?” was written over a night spent jamming on a suspended footbridge in remote mountains. As the song progressed the bridge began to sway, making band members feel as though they were floating weightless in midair.

Drummer Go Kurosawa says that KIKAGAKU MOYO use sound to recreate passages in nature where natural geometric patterns appear, like snowflakes and honeycombs. The music also reflects patterns found in the mental state of hypnogogia, where one sees colors and patterns appear out of complete darkness. The simple, hypnotic drones on this album gradually unfold into complex polyrhythmic structures—fractal architecture for the ears. Each song builds on a direct yet otherworldly folk/psych vibe, evolving into a joyous, haunting, far-out and totally colorful tribal sound. Lysergic mind-expanding soundscapes, ghostly rhythms, clouds of uplifting fuzz, swirling guitar excursions into space, water-stained sitar licks and beautifully wasted vocals are guaranteed to send you. We say if you’ve dug bands like Amon Düül, Ghost, Can and the Flower Traveling Band, you should take a chance on Kikagaku Moyo.
releases 02 September 2014

Thanks to Joshua AKA makesoundsnotlove & Lars Sonic Seime for the tip!

Price $32

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