RIYL: experimental spacey psych

Label: self-released

Italian 6-piece space psych rocketeers Julie’s Haircut have been an active rock entity since the late nineties, starting off with garage soul roots and slowly morphing into more experimental soil.  Up until now, the two songs on this new limited 12″ were only available as part of the digital-only 2013 album Ashram Equinox. Both these songs have in time become quite regular at the band’s live shows, so they’ve decided to give them a proper physical release.

If Mars had desert highways, Karlsrhue would be blaring out of our cosmonauts’ land rovers.  A spacey krautrock jam, the track churns with eery synths and brooding acoustic guitars under a gurgling psychedelic vocal.  It’s the kind of music that soundtracks your dreams as your brain oozes DMT into your subconscious, familiar but just beyond your reach.  B-side Fountain sounds like a deep cut from a forgotten Pink Floyd album, pulsating with a vibraphone and warm cavernous harmonies.  My only criticism is that the record is too short.  I want more, Julie’s Haircut.  MORE.

Listen to the two tracks and grab a copy of the 12″ on red vinyl after the ‘buy’ link.  There are only 300 copies to go around!

The Details

Limited edition 12” single including the songs “Karlsruhe” and “Fountain”. Though both songs were previously released for digital download as part of the "Ashram Equinox" Deluxe Edition, this is their first physical release.
Shipping out on or around September 1, 2018
Edition of 300

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Price $20

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