Jacco Gardner was born out of a petri dish.  Hard to believe, I know, but the C.I.A. hired Syd Barrett and Donovan to test a new hybrid genetic device, taking samples from their saliva and blood and crossing their fingers for something groovy to emerge.  That something was Jacco Gardner, a wielder of such perfect 60s psych pop, you’d think he had no outside knowledge of the world around him past 1969.  And he doesn’t.  The C.I.A. keep him stored in a silo filled with opium and acid until it’s time to record a new album.

Jacco has decided to move on from Trouble in Mind Records and join Polyvinyl Records, and the new single Find Yourself shows off all of Jacco’s trademark vintage 60s pop aesthetic, but there’s a bassline groove on this thing that moves like the early funk pioneers.  It’s a similar choice that Unknown Mortal Orchestra made on their sophomore release, and it’s a wise one.  Lofi psych goes perfectly with a bit of funky soul, n’est ce-pas?  Fans of Air’s Moon Safari and Stereolab’s early work will also find something here to get amped about.

Here at SlyVinyl, we call these types of releases ‘insta-buys.’  Grab that super limited red wax today before it disappears.  And it will, trust me.

The Details

Jacco Gardner has signed with Polyvinyl who will release his new album, Hypnophobia, on May 5.
Early Bird Edition limited to 300.

Price $17

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