RIYL: King Gizzard, Pipe-Eye, ORB

Label: StoneFree Records

Austrian psych prog 4-piece Hypnotic Floor embrace the weirder realms of psychedelia, from the off-kilter vocal treatments to the rhythm section’s mathematical bent. Within the first 10 seconds of first track Toxo, the band defiantly challenges you to drop all expectations or categorizations. Tempos change on a dime, guitars squelch and shapeshift between heavy riffs and methodical witchcraft, but it never ceases to f-ing rock. Hypnotic Floor possess all those qualities you love from your favorite Flightless bands, from Pipe-Eye’s off-kilter structures to the Syd Barrett-fused heaviness from ORB and, of course, the unique genre-blending genius from King Gizzard. Don’t sleep on Hypnotic Floor. This shit cooks.

There are only 100 copies of the record on blue vinyl. Plenty left too, remarkably. There are also 200 copies on black vinyl for all ye purists. Listen to the entire thing below and grab a slab after the ‘buy’ link from StoneFree Records.

The Details

Blue Translucent Vinyl
Limited to 100 Pieces - 12" 180g blue translucent Vinyl 33rpm

Black Vinyl
Limited to 200 Pieces - 12" 180g black Vinyl 33rpm

Shipping out on or around January 12, 2022

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Price $27

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