RIYL: Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Dusty Mush, Holy Wave

Label: The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Pronounced “Hoover 3”, Los Angeles cosmonauts Hooveriii have steadily and confidently slithered into the forefront of the psychedelic garage scene. Their 2018 self-titled record blew our lids off at SlyVinyl and we’ve been tuned in ever since. Their approach to psych is open-ended and bleeds into their ever-evolving sound, be it krautrock rhythms, deep and winding synth fuzz and blistering guitar leads. Water For the Frogs took inspiration from the murky depths of Iggy and Bowie’s heroin-soaked Berlin albums as well as the off-kilter prog jams from The Soft Machine. I’m f-ing sold already. Their first single Control bodes well for this one, yall. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

Levitation has two delicious vinyl colorways for the album, a black and white swirly variant titled “black hole” that goes perfectly with the cover art, and a polar opposite “rainbow explosion” edition that looks like a hyperdrive through a milky bowl of Fruity Pebbles. The UK also has two variants HERE. If you’re having trouble choosing, just get them ALL, you ninny. For your health.

The Details

Vinyl & T Shirts ship around April 9th 2021

$23.98 - Rainbow Explosion Vinyl
$23.98 - Black Hole Vinyl

Each edition above is limited to 300.

$48.98 - T-Shirt Bundle, featuring the artwork from the album cover by Jesse Fillingham

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Price $23.98

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