Hiiragi Fukuda lives in one of the most technologically sophisticated cities in the world, Tokyo, Japan. Lately I’ve been on an appreciating contrast binge in my life and with so much exposure to advanced technology in Tokyo, my head easily turns when a musician/band opts for lo-fi production.

Fukuda combines a very colorful boutique and minimal aesthetic for his output. Known primarily for his guitar work, his latest album, Seacide, released by Trouble in Mind features the 10 minute track, “316L.” There’s no way in hell a band with looped drum machines backing and synths up front escape the Suicide influence tag, and in Fukuda’s case  it’s not a bad thing at all to be compared with Suicide production, sans vocals of course.

Analog circuit bending keyboardist, pedal building fiends and overall fans of modulating leads will thoroughly enjoy this. Fukuda has been managing to create thrift psychedelic experimental tracks since 2010. Seacide looks to be primed in the direction of becoming a cult classic.

The Details


Hiiragi Fukuda turned a lot of “heads” with his 2013 album “My Turntable Is Slow” - released on NY label Selection Records. For many outside of his hometown of Tokyo, Japan it was their first introduction to the guitarist & experimental musician. TiM hopes to carry his name into 2015 with the release of “Seacide” - Fukuda’s first foray into synthesizer music.

Orginally released as a criminally limited cassette on Sloow Tapes, “Seacide” is entirely instrumental & improvised, with Side A (the “synth” side) executed on a Yamaha monophonic synth, it’s hypnotic drones & pulses echoing out of his practice amplifier and carving out sonic territory akin to NY pioneers Suicide as well as UK Industrial godfathers Throbbing Gristle. ‘Trochos’s metallic heartbeat radiates a meditative spirituality while the back & forth sway of “Sharpener” conjures up images of 8-bit generated waves cascading over a computer-coded sea side. Side B (the “guitar side”) features Fukuda’s stratocaster, with opener “Seashells” easing out a fragile, mechanical lullaby, while album closer “Breeze” features more of Fukuda’s soulful finger-picking atop a jaunty bossa beat. The album was recorded in just two days by Fukuda himself in his Tokyo bedroom, with a Boss DD-6 (as a Loop machine - it can record only 5.2 seconds) & captured sonically by a Sony TCM-400 onto a cheap cassette tape (made in indonesia).

We have 100 copies of the limited lemon-lime vinyl edition of “Seacide” to sell in our webstore, so ACT FAST! (includes a download code.)

The album is also released on CD & available via the digital format.

RIYL: Suicide, Les Rallizes Denudes, Ruth White, Matchess, Throbbing Gristle

Price $14

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