We first encountered Heaters earlier this year through their split LP with Os Noctambulos out on Stolen Body Records (they went by the name of Plantains on the split, but has since then renamed the band Heaters).  Their first proper full length “Solstice” is now out on a 10″ Vinyl LP via Dizzybird Records in the US, and Stolen Body Records in the UK very soon.

Heaters has come up with a nifty little album of psychedelic pop/rock that will wash over you like warm waves as you’re chilling near the water on your favourite beach. The slightly punked surf-attitude that inhabited their split-album has been tuned down a notch, while the arrangements and production has gotten much more into focus. The reverbed, somewhat brooding vocals still play an important part, but are perfectly balanced into the expression. There’s not one single weak track among the eight that makes up this album, and united they make this a rock-solid album worth diving into again and again. Highly recommended!

  The US-version on Black Vinyl can be bought directly from Dizzybird Records (US, out now) for 15$ HERE

Hit the “BUY NOW”-button underneath for the Olive Green Vinyl from Stolen Body Records (UK, out mid to late November).


The Details

First collaboration between Stolen Body and Dizzy Bird records of Grand Rapids Michigan… and who else would it be? After the success of the Plantains/Os Noctambulos split we have been excitedly waiting for the first full length LP from Grand Rapids garage psychers HEATERS. Just incase that confuses you Heaters used to be called Plantains…

We will be releasing a limited edition run of 250 green vinyl while Dizzy Bird records will be releasing in the US. The band will have 50 of the limited edition copies to sell at shows. The album comes out 17th of October but ours will be slightly later… currently looking like mid to late November.

Pick up a limited edition copy now on pre order and we’ll send it out once we receive them.

Price $21

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