Eight miles high, through the purple haze, past Lucy and well above the byrds lies the Holy Water Pool.  Legend has it that the pool inhabits the purest water in the cosmos.  Plus, the jukebox is stuffed with solid jams and the vending machine has the best name-brand candy around.  Michigan cosmicagicians Heaters are the gatekeepers, and they’ll let you in if you promise to share your stash.

For the unaware, Heaters landed on Earth in a giant mushroom cloud around 2013.  NASA claims they didn’t see anything strange on their radar by way of Mercury, but we all know the truth.  After a batch of EPs and 7″s full of electric koolaid-soaked grooves, Heaters have readied their debut full-length with the beloved psychmaster label Beyond the Beyond is the Beyond.

Lots of mind-bending bundles await you after the ‘buy’ link.  You can grab the splatter record by itself or you can throw in posters and 7″s and all kinds of incalculably outstanding physical artifacts.

The Details

Electric Blue Vinyl with Mustard/Cyan Splatter! Limited to 450 total. Only 300 being sold via BBiB shop.

Item ships out on or around 01 September 2015
Edition of 300

Thanks to Hatt Moendorf for the tip!

Price $17

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