RIYL: peyote-fueled vision quests

Label: Trouble in Mind Records

You’ve got a band called Headroom with an album called Head in the Clouds and they’re coming out on Trouble in Mind Records.  That’s what we call the psych trifecta.  If you took a lost Neu! b-side and slowed it down 600%, you’d find yourself somewhere in Headroom’s space time.  Fusing experimental noise, drone, metal and far-out psychedelic mayhem, Kryssi Battalene (guitarist for Mountain Movers) has crafted an aural drug cocktail for the ages.  Challenging but rewarding, take a listen to the oozing first dose How to Grow Evil Flowers below.

No word on the quantity yet, but limited copies of blue wax are now available for preorder after the ‘buy’ link.  See you on the other side.

The Details

Headroom’s “Head in the Clouds” is released across all digital platforms and physically in vinyl-only, with a limited BLUE vinyl while supplies last!!

Price $14

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