RIYL: Moody cinematic sounds with breaks, moog, spaced out effects. Hashish

Label: Woah Dad!

Holy smokes, this is some good sh*t!!!

Hashish is the latest project of Subliminal Sounds label-guru Stefan Kèry (the Swedish psych-label that spawned among others Dungen, The Amazing and Life on Earth!), which through Hashish presents a moody trip of spaced out cinematic 60’s/70’s sounds featuring analogue synths with a heavy, funky backline.  Moogorama on beats was the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard the first available track “Outer Spaced”, but the tunes in here certainly seems to have gathered inspiration from a lot of different genres. Now, I’ve only heard the snippets available in the album teaser this far, but these bear promise of a treat of otherworldly dimensions!  Be sure to check out “Outer Spaced” as well as the mindbending teaser underneath. Spread the word on this, way to good not to share!

Limited to 499 copies with a deluxe silverfoil sleeve and poster, to be released the 4th of March via Woah Dad! records. I for one won’t wait for it to hit the stores..


Hashish takes you on a mind-expanding trip into the unknown!

The Details

HASHISH – A Product Of (WOAH020 SW 2016)
My new album is now up for pre-orders. The pressing is a limíted edition of only 499 copies. Includes deluxe silverfoil sleeve and poster. Release – March 4:th. The label says: “This is top class psychedelia that definitely takes the genre to a new level with a sophisticated approach to an afro-funk groove accompanied by dreamy and playful melodies that goes by a spectrum from Scandinavian Occult Psychedelia to Minimal Synth and Surreal Electronic Soul Disco with rare groove”. Welcome to tomorrow. The sounds transport you into a forgotten world where the future looked different from what it became. On his soft subtle island capped with clouds of cool fire, Pan weaves his teachings with the wind and the sun. Raining sacred melodies on the hearts and minds of man, driving him with desperate loves and yearnings by songs of Sainthood and madness. Transient temples of the flesh, laughing at death, clothes our lives in fire. On rippling altars of skin we sensual magicians worship bright burning desire.

Price $23

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