Lots of great psychedelic acts coming out of the UK these days! Today marks the releasedate for the self titled debut-EP from London-based shoegaze/psych-band Great Ytene, released through the Bella Union-label. These guys do a great mix of shoegaze and psychedelic-rock, with a sizeable amount of reverb. The 6 songs on this 12″ EP makes it past the 30 minute-mark, and their sound is massive! Great stuff, well worth your hard earned bucks!    Check it out, and see what you think.

Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl!


Besides the band, these guys also run the Marshall Teller Record-label, which has helped spawn bands like Gross Magic, Echo Lake and Cheatahs. Their debut 7″ Happy Scenes was released through their label last year, definitely worth checking out if you like this EP.

The band has a handful of EP’s and offers them for a limited time through their label. You’ll save a £, and they’ll throw in a love note for you!  Check if it’s still avaialable through Marshall Teller Records here https://www.marshalltellerrecords.com/bigcartel-item/great-ytene-ep  Be sure to add the Happy Scenes 7″/poster/sticker to your order at a special bundle price! (only available here)


The Details

Great Ytene is actually a six-track, 32-minute voyage, displaying the range of sweeping guitars, gauzy vocals, bird calls and shimmering loops at their command, creating the kind of expansive mystery and imagination at the root of the finest psychedelic music.

Price $15

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