Magical mystery hour!

Norwegian psych-pop outfit Gold Celeste has found a way to harvest the slim rays of sunshine taking to the ground through the leaves of the Norwegian forests (directly after a heavy rainfall), and squeezed out quite the potent magic in the process! This is one recurring picture I get from listening to their new album “The Glow”, and I’m thrilled that I get to share it with you guys!

The album opener “Can of Worms” dropped earlier this summer, and has been one of my most played tunes throughout the season. The lazy, easygoing and melodic, yet experimental and somewhat challenging composition/arrangement instantly brought something quite unique, heartfelt and might very well have raised my aural perception in a weird and most valuable way..

At first I found it a bit hard to digest the album as a whole, but this was only due to the fact that I needed to dig into it deeper! Just like the first track, every single song on the album just grows/glows bigger/brighter with every spin. Steady bass and drums play around and puts that smile on your face, while curtains of treated guitars and various moody synths delivers a moody, melancholic factor to their expression which together with the lush falsetto-like vocals create something quite unique.  A genuine diamond, you should let this album take up a lot of your time from here on. If you do it will most certainly make you glow.

The price is set to a Norwegian standard, but you should not let that stop you. Get enlightened good people

Gold Celeste

Another true gem is the new album by DRÅPE, sharing both key-members and the unique feel with Gold Celeste!  MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!   Available for combined shipping through Recordstore!
It’s worth knowing that Gold Celeste released their debut-album a couple of years back under their previous name ANGELICA’S ELEGY, entitled (yup) “Gold Celeste”. STREAM HERE  Also available in the Recordstore

The Details

Sunkissed psychpop - full of soul and lo-fi from Norway's Gold Celeste.

Gold Celeste’s debut album The Glow is a wonderful blend of melancholic lo-fi grandeur coupled with laid-back elegance and lyrics that delve into injustice, and the increasing pacification and fast food culture-ification of modern society where short term solutions and lack of depth, insight and dedication dominate, and superficial beats profound every time. Their expression draws inspiration from the crispy lo-fi sounds of their peers from the 60s, the eccentrics and adventurers of the 70s, the DIY indie-gazers and dissident hip-hoppers of the 80s and 90s - a tropical haven you can bring your culturally and socially alienated friends to.


1. Can Of Worms
2. But A Poem
3. Open Your Eyes
4. The Dreamers
5. Grand New Spin
6. Time Of Your Life
7. Pastures
8. Is This What You can Not Do?
9. You And I
10. On The Brink
11. The Start Of Something Beautiful

Price $26.3

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