And now for something completely different..  Fuzzy wah-wah guitars, check! Groovy, fuzzed out heavy basslines, check!  Hypnotic beats through a broad rythm-section, check!  Crazy tribal outfits with feathers, masks and whatnot, check!   If you know these guys already, here’s a treat for you.   If you don’t, I’m extremely honoured to present them!

Goat is one of my definite favourite acts of this milennium, and unlike anything else I’ve encountered so far. I remember reading the press-release for their debut-album “World Music”, telling stories of remote dark swedish villages, witch doctors, voodoo curses and generations of incarnated musicians. Highly unlikable, but extremely amusing reading!

This live-recording catches some of the energy they possess in their performance, which I recommend you go check out next time they’re around your parts..  You don’t need no drugs to get high when these guys are bringing their ritualistic live performance, rest assured of this!

“Live Ballroom Ritual” was released this december, and this is the second limited pressing. The first one was on 200
double green splatter vinyl. It sold out within hours and is crazy expensive by now..   There’s also  a regular black vinyl available .

Pretty expensive this, I know.. but if you want it, you better act now! The price is guaranteed tripled within days…


The Details

Goat - Live Ballroom Ritual - Double Green Vinyl with Download Code


Shop Exclusive Limited to 200

Includes immediate download of 12-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.

In August 2012 Swedish band Goat released their debut album, World Music.

The record went on to become one of the most talked about albums of the year, topping many ‘Best of 2012’ lists and the following year, the band took the album on the road.

Starting off a triumphant year of shows was Goat’s performance (or Ritual as the band likes to call them) at Roadburn Festival. A ‘packed to the rafters’ performance was the perfect warm up to their first proper tour, that saw them take on the USA. Footage, audio and photos of their sold out US shows streamed across the internet and revealed a band at the top of their powers.

They had taken the magic of World Music, extended, psyched out and explored the groove of the album further representing it in a mesmerising live performance.

We at Rocket realised that we needed to capture and document this much hyped set for all the world to experience.

On July 27th 2013, the eve of their now legendary Glastonbury performances the band took the stage at Camden’s Electric Ballroom in London to celebrate the recent launch of their single ‘Stonegoat’. The show was incendiary; the 1,100+ crowd either danced furiously to the band’s psyched grooves or stood there, mouths open and gazed in awe at the spectacle they couldn’t believe they were witnessing. It truly was a band on top of their game, which this LP called Live Ballroom Ritual will forever prove.

released 02 December 2013

Price $31

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