“Can I buy you a drink?” You pause between sips of your whiskey and look over your shoulder.  Standing in front of you is a gorgeous blonde bombshell in a slinky red dress.

“Me?” you ask clumsily.  You’ve been sitting alone for 3 hours at the bar unnoticed.  Why now?

She smiles and nods.

“Why not!” you exclaim.  This hasn’t happened to you in decades, so you offer her the seat next to yours.

What happens after you get your fresh whiskey is completely blank.  You remember nothing.  All you know is that you’ve woken up completely naked in a large wicker basket atop some kind of strange manmade wooden tower.

“WHERE AM I?” you shout, but wince at the pain in your gut.  Your ribs feel like they’re completely crushed and you can barely breathe.  You try and stand up, but shriek in agony at the intense pain around your ankles.  Both of your feet have been cobbled and are completely broken.

“Play the new GOAT song”, shouts a familiar female voice from the ground below.


It’s her.  The strange beauty from the bar, now wearing some kind of ceremonial garb, is staring up at you with an otherworldly evil in her eyes.  “Bring me the torch!”  The crowd of zombified women around her croon with delight.  Your screams are unheard over the eruption of the gathering of female cave dwellers, and their shrieks get louder as the leader carries the torch towards the wooden tower.  She stops at the foot of the tower and looks up at you.  The crowd goes silent.

“How many copies of the new GOAT album is Sub Pop releasing to the public?” she shouts.  Your brain is mush.  You’re trying to crunch numbers, but it’s no use.

“Sub Pop doesn’t usually release that kind of information to the public”, you shout back.  The crowd of females nod reluctantly in agreement.  The woman leader smiles.

She lights the tower with the torch as your world fades to black.

Of note, the lovely people at Rocket / Cargo have let us know theirs is LTD to 500. Buy one, ya know.

The Details

Sub Pop details:
All customers who pre-order the LP version of Commune will receive the limited, “Loser Edition” of the album on translucent blue and red colored vinyl. In addition, customers who pre-order will also receive the following, while supplies last:

-A bonus, one-sided 7-inch featuring a previously unreleased song.
-An instant download of the first single, “Hide From the Sun”.
-Advance access to stream Commune in full, 1 month before street date, exclusively from your SubPop.com account.

*Bonus 7-inch is limited to LP and CD pre-orders, and only available while supplies last.

Rocket Recordings details:
Purchase at https://www.rocketrecordings.com/goatcommune


Bundle 1 - £32.99
Ultra limited gold vinyl + exclusive 7" + CD

Bundle 2 - £35.99
Ultra limited gold vinyl + exclusive 7" + CD + poster

Bundle 3 - £49.99
Ultra limited gold vinyl + exclusive 7" + CD + poster + t-shirt

Price $15

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