RIYL: The Telescopes, Flavor Crystals, The Koolaid Electric Company

Label: mpls ltd

The criminally underrated Minneapolis psych gaze 4-piece Flavor Crystals have been forging guitar-based witchery for over 15 years now, crafting swirling cocktails of dream pop, shoegaze and ambient textures. 15 years before Flavor Crystals’ existence, The Telescopes were helping break the shoegaze sound to the masses along with their peers in Creation Records. Led by the brilliant Stephen Lawrie, The Telescopes are still making head-stretching music to this day. At some point in the space time continuum, these two bands met on tour and a bond was made. That bond compelled Lawrie and Flavor Crystals to form a new supergroup called Foam Giant. And here we are.

Their new album Acetate Parade is a perfect hybrid of both artists’ strengths. Lawrie’s low-octave croon liquifies inside Flavor Crystals’ dark oscillating whirlpool of textures. An interplay of guitars and synths breath a shapeless, ethereal aesthetic to the 17-track epic, an absolute feast for your aural appetites. Listen to the entire album below.

Out of the 500 available copies, just over 40 remain on their Bandcamp page. Grab one of those after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Flavor Crystals and The Telescopes unite for a soundtrack to a film that was never made in 1983, "Acetate Parade".

Featuring amazing lyrics and vocals by Stephen Lawrie (The Telescopes), layers of analog synths and guitars from the Flavor Crystals fellows. Spectacular drums by Peter Anderson and Dave Gatchell and many other great musical contributions!

Double Transparent VInyl in *Gatefold* sleeve.
19 tracks (2 vinyl only) and 80 minutes of music.
Cover art by Robert Pollard (yep that guy)

Shipping out on or around March 1, 2022
Edition of 500

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Price $25

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