Wooha! This is the best news I’ve had in a long time;  Dumbo Gets Mad is finally releasing their sophomore album “Quantum Leap” on vinyl! This is my definite favourite album of 2013 in any genre, and it really is an album that’s quite genrebending! Dumbo Gets Mad is the psychedelic lovechild of the Italian couple Luca Dumbini and Carlotta Menozzi, and their unique expression is both playful and eccentric as nothing I’ve come across this far!  The massive amount of quirky sounds and an exquisite, edgy production makes this quite the psychedelic effort, but underneath you’ll find some fine tuned pop songs with a lot of soul baked into it. New details and hooks just keep on popping up even after listening to it a hundred times, and it’s an album that just keeps on giving and growing with each and every spin.  There’s such an amount of creativity on this album that it might make you a bit dizzy at first, but once you figure out what they’re really up to, the reward is an album that you wanna experience over and over..  For your own good, take my advice and dig deep into it!


Be sure to also pick up their brilliant debut album “Elephants at the door” once you’re over in the shop!

The Details

Recorded between Los Angeles and a basement studio in Italy, the sophomore full-length was produced by DGM and mastered by Kelly Hibbert (Aloe Blacc, Flying Lotus, J Dilla).

Format: 12" Vinyl

A1. Before Kiddos Bath
A2. Indian Food
A3. American Day
A4. Crystal Balls On Roll (South Africa)
A5. Radical Leap
A6. Future Sun
B1. Tahiti Hungry Jungle
B2. Bam Bam
B3. Cougars
B4. Soft
B5. The House of Love
B6. Maleducato
B7. Punch & Tea (with Venice)

Price $18

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