Legend has it that psychedelic music was birthed in Austin, TX by a young ruffian named Roky Erickson.  His unique blend of folk, blues and experimental rawk created a distinct druggy sound, and almost 50 years later, that sound is alive and well in countless new groups and even a few crate-digging hip hop DJs.

Hailing from the same town is Deep Space.  The first single off ‘Through the Haze’ sounds like it was being recorded while traveling at the speed of sound…as if the guitars and vocals are trying as hard as they can to catch up to their vessels.  Bizarrely, the album is being released across the pond by Sulatron Records, so if you’re in need…you’re gonna have to cough up a few extra bucks.

If I come across a domestic release, I’ll be sure to link it up here.  In the meantime, check out the single below.

The Details

SULATRON RELEASE!!! Can be delivered from end of February on!
Deep Space was created in the mystical wee hours of acid trips and seances within the desert lands of Austin TX. Deep Space stays true to their outer space psychedelic influences, conjuring up a mix of radioactive sounds, from England's Spacemen 3 to Austin's psychedelic rock pioneers, The 13th Floor Elevators. While "Cosmic Waves", their first EP established Deep Space's music as nothing less than a million miles from Earth, their debut vinyl LP on Sulatron Records "Through The Haze" takes the next step into transcendent echoes of other worldly galaxies. Songs like "Motorcycle" take the listener through the desert sands of distant planets while the track, "Lady Heroin" displays how the feelings of love can be disastrously dangerous as a supernova exploding in a black hole.

180 grams, white vinyl, limited to 500 copies!

Robbie D Love - vocals, guitar, bass
Golden Unknown - vocals, guitar
Buddy Hart - drums

Work (5:04)
Vibrations (11:15)
Inner Light (4:12)
Motorcycle (15:30)
Lady Heroine (9:17)

Price $24.79

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