It’s my profound pleasure to share pre-order details for the upcoming Death And Vanilla album “To Where The Wild Things Are”!  The Swedish dream-pop duo recently joined forces with Fire Records for their 2nd* proper studio-album, releasing on May 4rd (*not counting the semi-improvised, live soundtrack “Vampyr”, which we informed you about last year).

Death And Vanilla has been steadily building a reputation for their unique and haunting blend of moody dream-pop, psychedelic and experimental baroque-pop. They’ve branded this kraut-lullabies , and as the term tells they do indeed know how to lock-up a groove. Once locked, old analogue synths/organs, vibraphonette, buzzy-fuzz guitars and hazy vocals flow in and out of the soundscapes, usually drenched in reverb and flanger. Once unlocked, what appears is a simply beautiful melody that is driving an old French Citroèn into the twilight, wearing a foggy dress and smoking a cigarette out the window.  The result is a sound that tingles your body and tickles your senses, while playing (along) with your emotions like a jam made in heaven. If you let it ..and you should, you most definitely should!

The Orange Vinyl and Blue Vinyl are both limited to 1000 copies each, before there will eventually be a black standard pressing. Might not sound especially limited, but I do think this album will hit a much broader audience than their previous efforts. They seem to have found out just what part of their repertoire they want to focus on (and perfected this), while signing to a bigger international label will hit a broader audience (aaand the reissues of the Broadcast catalogue coming out these days.. Death And Vanilla is destined to fill an empty space i a lot of broken hearts after Trish left us, RIP..)

BUY NOW-button takes you to Rough Trade for pre-orders, since they have arranged for an EXCLUSIVE BONUS CD!  You can also pre-order this album via Norman Records RIGHT HERE!  Both provide reasonable shipping worldwide!
Rough Trade will exclusively ship out the Blue Vinyl  2 weeks before the releasedate, Norman Records will exclusively ship out the Orange Vinyl two weeks before release date!  Get one from each..

Death and Vanilla - To Where the Wild Things Are


The Details

Death and Vanilla
To Where the Wild Things Are
Rough Trade exclusive with a bonus CD on all formats.
Whether their muse lies in 60s sci-fi soundtracks, The Radiophonic Workshop, the prototype electronic sounds of The United States Of America, the retro-futuristic edge of Broadcast, the dream pop ambience of Angelo Badalamenti / Julie Cruise, or the shimmering shroud of Mazzy Star, will doubtless be raised in countless interviews. But what matters more is that Death And Vanilla have woven a stunning tapestry that envelops all that preceded them, into a literally head-turning album, of kaleidoscopic proportions. It's smooth, soothing and an absolute gem.
LP+ - Limited Rough Trade Two Week exclusive on Blue Vinyl with Download and Bonus CD.
LP - Limited Indie Shops exclusive on Orange vinyl with Download and Bonus CD.
CD - With Bonus CD.

Price $24

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