RIYL: Broadcast, Stereolab, The United States of America, soft cushions and heavy blankets

Label: Fire Records

Whaaat? Hold up, is this for real?  Fire Records has somehow managed to get ahold of the rights to Death and Vanilla‘s previous studio-works 😀  After the huge success with the critically acclaimed and absolutely stunning “To Where the Wild Things Are” last year, the UK-label is now reissuing not only their 2012 S/T debut LP, but also their first 10″ EP (2010) and the “From Above” 7″ (2013).

Needless to say I’m a big fan of this band, which delivers some of the best dreamy experimental kraut/psych-pop on the planet and beyond. I urge you to dive deep into the Swedish-based group’s own blend (rightfully self-branded as kraut-lullabies), it’s a most rewarding routine! Their latest effort “To Where The Wild Things Are” is probably the album I’ve spent the most time with since it came out last year, and it still keeps taking me to places I have yet to discover. Floating close to the footsteps of Stereolab and Broadcast (and also The United States of America), their dreamy moods are predictable, yet their arrangements/compositions brings forth challenge in the best way possible. Still soothing at that!

The two previous pressings of their debut-album is selling at 100$+, so here’s your shot at owning one without trading your soul or selling ur body. I say jump on it!

FIRELP430 Death And Vanilla - EP LP SLEEVE

*The Death and Vanilla LP reissue is limited to 1000 copies on Yellow Vinyl, available via the “Buy-Now”-button.   Stream a few videos underneath

FIRELP430 Death And Vanilla - EP LP SLEEVE

*Get the EP reissue HERE, limited to 1000 copies on Blue Vinyl           STREAM

FIRE429EP Death And Vanilla - From Above EP

*Get the “From Above” 7″ reissue HERE, limited to 1000 opies on Blue Vinyl       STREAM  

The Details

Following the release of last year’s critically acclaimed ‘To Where The Wild Things Are’, Death And Vanilla revisit earlier releases with a number of reissues including ‘EP’ and 7” ‘From Above’ out in May.

Looking back at their formative years, their sophisticated retro-futuristic psych-pop was being honed whilst channeling their passion for hauntology, library, krautrock and radiophonic music.

Fire Records release 'Death And Vanilla' on yellow vinyl, EP and 'From Above' 7" will be available on blue vinyl. Album and EP will also be available on CD.

Price $22.7

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