Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, bringing you their own blend of psychedelic, pop and kraut-lullabies (yes, the latter is a tag they’ve put to their sounds themselves, and it’s spot on!).    With their lush, cinematic soundscapes this bunch really know how to push the right buttons to reel you into their orbit.

The first pressing of this (identical, also 500 copies) was sold out even before the releasedate on January 7th, so they decided to do a second batch.   I recommend you to get in on this asap!

Side A was originally released as “EP” on CD, limited to 100 copies in December 2010.

Price includes shipping to the US, slightly cheaper to EU.

The Details

HITD 001 - Vinyl LP (Debut-EP reissue - 2nd pressing)
Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl
w/ poster + free mp3 download coupon

Price $27

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