RIYL: Kurt Vile, Bonnie "prince" Billy, Sun Kil Moon, Jason Molina

Label: Secretly Canadian

Oh man I couldn’t be more excited about a new album from Damien Jurado. I’ve been a fan of his for over 10 years now and his direction away from bedroom folk into introspective psych fuzz has been a miraculous transition. I remember seeing him at a concert about 5 years ago, he started with a sad somber set and then stopped and mentioned, “I’m tried of playing sad shit, I’m done with being sad.” He then proceeded to go full electric and loud for the remainder of the set. It was unexpected and left most of the crowd reeling and wondering why he wasn’t playing “Ohio”.

Damien is an amazing artist and based on this single this could be an early contender for a top album of the year. Insta-buy for me.

The Details

Visions of Us on the Land on black vinyl 2xLP

"Far Out To Where We Were Then" demos LP on white vinyl, including demo versions of songs from the album as well as 2 unreleased tracks

Digital download code for the album (as a .zip file containing 320kbps mp3s), redeemable on March 4th, 2016, two weeks before release date

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Price $27

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