Crippled Black Phoenix & Se Delan are covering selected songs from Pink Floyd‘s Meddle. on their release Ech-oes.
This release has an odd pressing size of 792 copies on 200 gram vinyl, and TODAY (July 4th) is the LAST DAY to pre-order and get a colored-vinyl variant.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any samples of exactly what the music will sound like.


The Details

Crippled Black Phoenix/Se Delan Oh "Ech-oes LP"
by Crippled Black Phoenix

NOTE: anyone ordering the LP up till the release date of July 4th, will receive colored vinyl that won't be offered anywhere else. So the number of pre-orders equals the number of colored vinyl records that will be pressed.

Here we have Crippled Black Phoenex and Se Delan covering selected works from Pink Floyd's "Meddle".

The LP is limited to 792 copies and all are pressed on 200 gram vinyl. Total running time of this LP is right at 40 minutes.

Price $20

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