RIYL: The Elephant 6 Collective

Label: Gold Robot Records

You’re either ready, or not ready, for Conveyor’s latest left jab in their multifaceted and rather expansive discography. You’ll notice that when you listen to Conveyor, you’d be hard-pressed to find sequential tracks that sound similar in theme. Ready Not Ready‘s lead single, “What a Low Heart,” sounds as if it could’ve come from of Montreal’s early days (or any Elephant 6 member), but as for the rest of the album… given the band’s history, that’s quite unpredictable. “What A Low Heart,” despite the name, is an acid-soaked psych-pop anthem perfect for the impending sweltering summer days – I don’t just write that because the first words out of the band’s mouth on this single are “Summer is here, finally.” If I had to name Conveyor’s biggest selling point, it’s their vocal harmonies because my, oh my, do they nail them. Listen to “What A Low Heart” below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Format: 12" Colored Vinyl + download card
Run: 500 (300 White, 200 Clear-in-White VMP Exclusive)
Release Date: July 22, 2016

Ready Not Ready is the latest in the logical progression of four logical people that comprise a pretty illogical band. Crafted over two years while touring in support of Prime’s experimental film soundtrack, the music was meticulously constructed to give the illusion of fullness and complexity of sound using only the core touring instrumentation of two guitars, bass, and drums. With the exception of a select few overdubs, splashes of artificial color, the music that you hear is as it was performed by the band in the studio: four musicians completely reliant on each other to create a multilayered, interlocking groove. The lyrics are no exception: stratified, self-referential, evolutionary. Ready Not Ready is the sound of Conveyor covering themselves.

Price $17.99

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