RIYL: 60's/70's Psychedelic Acid-Folk

Label: Private Pressing

Constantine’s debut LP “Days Of Light” presents a genuine Psychedelic/Acid Folk-trip filled with magic and wonder!  When I first stumbled upon this, I thought I’d encountered a lost 60’s/70’s psychedelic relic, a hidden treasure just waiting to be found. As it turns out, this album was written and arranged by Constantine Hastalis in Chicago over a period of 4 years quite recently, and recorded with help from Of Wondrous Legends (who actually is a hidden gem from the early 70’s).  The arrangements in here are bursting with allsorts of musical craftmanship,  served through a wide variety of instruments  (old Vox and Hammond-organs, autoharp, flute, tablas, sitar, mellotron, bouzouki, vibraphone, electric harpsichord, marimba, harmonium etc)  with the uttermost delicacy and spiritual engagement.


This is truly of the finest treats I’ve encountered for quite some time, be sure to engage if you’re into folky/progressive psychedelic sounds and/or musically open-minded!

NOTE! This is the second pressing of this album. The first pressing of 300 copies sold out fairly quick, and is a really pricey bugger to hunt down..  30$ is not cheap either, but the overall quality of this product is simply astonishing, a thing of true beauty. Also, I’ve been ensured that the income from this pressing will help fund his next album! Which cannot come soon enough..

Constantine Inner

Constantine Poster

The Details

Constantine's debut LP 'Day Of Light' will lead you on a lysergic odyssey filled with sitar and swirling flute. The LP includes help from members of legendary '71 baroque folk psychedelic masterpiece O.W.L. (Of Wondrous Legends), including album art by Stephen Titra.

Reissue of Day Of Light features the original artwork housed in a lovely vintage-style unipak gatefold sleeve. Includes poster insert + hype sticker + slight variation of original label design.

Limited and privately released just like the first pressing!

Thanks to Jacob Brogaard Larsen for the tip!

Price $30

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