Cancún is a place where the North American young, and young at heart, go to publicly urinate on walls, get trashed on jet fuel-esque alcoholic beverages, get a sunburn that’s redder than their own blood, go on overpriced deep sea fishing/diving boats and eat all kinds of Mexican food (or forget to eat food, period – because hey, there’s all this tequila) – put this routine on repeat for a week or so and that’s the average tourist’s daily routine. More or less, this is what you’d associate with the tourist zone. Cankun shares almost nothing in common with Cancún’s tourist zone. Cankun is a pleasing mix of psychedelia, ambient, drone,  post-rock and Balearic sensibilities – the stuff of sophistication. With only seven songs included, French artist Vincent Caylet gets straight to the point on here with no filler to speak of. Never quite fitting in to any specific genre at any point on here, there is something for everybody to enjoy. Listen to Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Cankun is back on Hands In The Dark (LP) and Not Not Fun (cassette) with Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold, his 3rd full length album follow-up to the brilliant and unanimously acclaimed 2013's Culture of Pink.

This time, Frenchman Vincent Caylet is inviting us to a two part journey: Side A sets Cankun's new tempo, taking the listener to darker spheres compared to his previous works, moving from a tropical beach to the middle of a dense, uncanny and unpredictable jungle, where the sun never reaches. The second side immerses us into new, unexplored territories, either the deepest or highest layers of our planet - you choose.

If the previous album was marked by a net improvement in the texture and sound, this new instrumental opus shows a step-up in writing. Caylet's work is mutating into a more mature and to the point loop based, psyche-dub, lo-fi music, that is flirting at times with prog, post rock and ambient electro.

Most bands copy and paste their magic formula from one album to the other, however in Cankun's case, the uncompromised evolution sounds refreshingly natural. It will take quite some time to digest the complexity of this album but we are already looking forward to listen to Cankun's next move!

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