No Recordings sure knows how to pick them. Bo Ningen is a psychedelic/noise rock outfit from the land of Japan. You don’t (at least I don’t) read about too many Japanese acts and maybe that’s because of the language barrier, or it’s just a lack of adequate exposure. Now, the band consists of Japanese citizens (all four of them from different cities/prefectures) but they all met in London, interestingly enough, and they seem to have set up shop there ever since. Since their inception in 2007 they’ve worked with bands, and artists, such as Faust, Savages and Damo Suzuki (who, at one point, sang for Can). “DaDaDa,” the only track we have available for preview at the moment, is an onslaught of constant drum breaks, thick psychedelic riffs, and extremely catchy choruses.

In regard to the language barrier (the band sings in Japanese), don’t let that deter you from listening to Bo Ningen. The great thing about music, as a whole, is that it’s a universal language. Yeah, maybe you have no idea what Taigen Kawabe is singing about (he’s got quite the voice, by the way) but doesn’t that give it an added element of mystique and charm? Singing along in another language can be quite fun, too! If that’s not your thing, look at the language barrier as a way to concentrate on the instrumentation and production – you can look at Kawabe’s vocal work as another instrument in and of itself. Below, you’ll see a picture of what the vinyl will look like (provided by No Recordings) and you’ll find a Soundcloud stream of “DaDaDa” so see what you think of it. Cheers!Bo Ningen Detail


When going through to buy it, there are (currently) six bars on the website. Place your mouse over the top bar (it has 006 on the left side of it) and then I think you can take it from there. A fair warning: it is $10 more for those outside of the US.


The Details

A. DaDaDa
B. Yurayura Kaeru (The Horrors/Tom Furse Remix)

Written by Bo Ningen in London, England.
Produced/mixed by Bo Ningen & Max Heyes at LynchMob, London.
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis, London.
Pressed to seven inch vinyl; handstamped in New York, NY.
Released by No Recordings on March 10, 2014.

Price $10

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