What if The Newport Folk Festival took place in the middle of the desert and everyone in attendance was required to ingest a double serving of peyote?  What if The Flaming Lips never composed The Soft Bulletin and continued down their Jesus Shootin’ Heroin folkybluesadelia?  What if every pale-faced songwriter in the Appalachian Mountains was given a copy of Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica, a bottle of Moonshine and a tape recorder?  Perhaps…perhaps?…you’d get something like Birds of Paradise.

This aural excrescence comes courtesy of Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records, merchants of magical madcap.  Their random-colored wax is always a sight to behold, and they always come with the option of two different sleeve designs.  Half of the 100 copies will be matched with art by Elzo Durt, and the other half with Roy Vucino.  Check them out below, pick your poison, and do it quickly before someone beats you to the punch.  If you miss out on the color, there are 200 copies on black vinyl.

Birds_of_Paradise_front_website    Birds_of_Paradise_front_2_website

The Details

Limited to 300.
200 on Black. 100 on Mixed Color.

Two artworks by Roy Vucino (top) and Elzo Durt (bottom), black and colored vinyl.

Roy Vucino's artwork comes with insert.

Price $7.3

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