RIYL: Spacemen 3, Loop, Flying Saucer Attack

Label: Little Cloud Records (US) / Cardinal Fuzz (UK)

Tales and testimonies from Thessaloniki, Greece speak of an entity, possibly made up of 5 human beings, seen levitating over the forests and dissipating into the fog, but leaving a sublime trail of psychedelic sound behind them. While little is known of these ethereal lifeforms, they’re referred to as Alien Mustangs, and they’ve gifted their communities with at least 6 artifacts in the form of 10″s, 7″s, cassettes and a full-length 12″ record in 2018 titled Alienation. Their 7th artifact dropped from the clouds in October of this year, a 6-track epic titled Beat of the Earth. Your ears will ingest near-lethal doses of galactic kosmiche, billowing krautrock and a steady stream of hallucinogenic psychedelic rock. An essential piece to your ever-growing trip toward record shelf nirvana, the time is now for Alien Mustangs.

Little Cloud Records has Beat of the Earth on vinyl in an intoxicating ‘yellow galaxy’ colorway. Snag that after the ‘buy’ link. UK buyers can grab the record from Cardinal Fuzz HERE, but there are only black copies left at this point. Listen to all six tracks below while you melt into a Turkey, green bean casserole and mashed potato coma.


The Details

Number of Tracks: 6
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Revolutions: 33rpm
Vinyl Color: Yellow Galaxy
Jacket: Semi Gloss

Price $22

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