After the fuzz stirred up with his “Al Lover X GOAT” 12″ on PNKSLM Recordings earlier this summer (which sold out within 3 hours…), San Francisco-based psychedelic DJ/producer Al Lover returns with his proper full-length debut album “Sacred Drugs” via Psych Army on October 1!

Al Lover is a groundbreaking artist, you might say a pioneer fusioneer (is that even a word..?), the only one I’ve encountered of his brand. Blending and looping traditional psychedelic/garage rock (retro and contemporary) with heavy beats into something completely new, the outcome is a hypnotic trancending kraut of epic proportions, with massive out-of-body-experience appeal!

Don’t for a moment think that this is all simple samples and beats! No no..  Al Lover brings onboard Harvey Leisure (of the excellent Asheville psych/kraut/prog-outfit Nest Egg) for this album, and together they play, program and record drums, percussion, keys, guitars and digital/analogue synthesizers, before  chopping, looping and cooking it up with samples, dub effects and tape delay!   Yay, tape delay!

Limited to ridiculous scarce 250 copies, you’d better get on it straight away!  And if you see him live in the near future, there’s 50 limited edition tour-only test pressing versions available. Just sayin’..

The first available track is the cleverly titled “Super Strength (Power Plants)”, which features none other than Morgan Delt! Be sure to check it out underneath!!

For a broader musical introduction, check out his tracks “VOUDOON MOON” and “SNAKE HANDS” (feat. White Fence), as well as his SCORCHING re-work of Goat’s “STONEGOAT”.  Press the titles for audio/video, no excuses!


Al lover makes the sort of DMT infused music that leaves other contemporary psychedelic bands gasping for a breath of fresh air.


Skuzzy and burned at the seams, each beat is stoned off its ass. He’s stated that the psych music of today is what the producers of tomorrow will sample, but rather than give them the opportunity to do so, he’s taken on the task of being ahead of the curve with each record.
– Impose Magazine


The Details

Al Lover
“Sacred Drugs”
Catalog #: PAI-006 / PBUH-093
Label: Psych Army / Crash Symbols
Release Date: October 1, 2014
Format: LP/CS + MP3
Retail Price: $15.00 / $5.00
File Under: Psychedelia, experimental, electronic, beats, library music, Krautrock

San Francisco-based producer Al Lover has spent the last several years evolving an approach to psychedelic reworks of rock ‘n roll in its various inflections. Though they share some common structures, his solo LP debut Sacred Drugs is a thick distillation compared to older remixes or the heady mixtapes he’s curated for Austin Psych Fest, each its own primer on garage and psych in the corresponding year. Sacred Drugs stands out in Al’s discography, though some of its character and more transcendant qualities are hinted at in his collaborations, with GOAT, and particularly on the single “Snake Hands” recorded with White Fence. The elaborate treatments on his 2011 digital album Distorted Reverberations (of Reverberating Distortion): Psychedelic Reinterpretations of Contemporary Rock ‘n Roll offer the most obvious antecedant for Sacred Drugs, but clearly as a collection it lacks the same scope.

Listening to Sacred Drugs is as transformative an experience as Al’s own style of composition. Songs are a deliberate associative enterprise, paralleling both the contextualization that takes place as part of any conscious “hearing” and the abstract notion of self-development. Texture and tone combine to lead the listener inward, with hypnogogic beats that evoke the sense of ritual awakening when it was still a communal undertaking. In that way Sacred Drugs offers a measured take on reality, a tool for perceiving the outlines of your own interconnectedness… like the eponymous entheogens, Sacred Drugs is intended as a companion for self-discovery.

Price $15

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