San Francisco-based psychedelic DJ/producer Al Lover returns in January with “Cave Ritual” via UK’s Stolen Body Records!

Al Lover is a groundbreaking artist, you might say a pioneer fusioneer (is that even a word..?), the only one I’ve encountered of his brand. Blending and looping traditional psychedelic/garage rock (retro and contemporary) with heavy beats into something completely new, the outcome is a hypnotic trancending kraut of epic proportions, with massive out-of-body-experience appeal!

The album opens with the cinematic “Genesis Porridge”, a synth-ridden dark and moody piece that creeps under your skin and makes you wanna watch those 80’s VHS-horror flicks you’ve got stuffed in the garage. This evil mush lurks in the depths throughout the whole A-side and keeps pulling you under, leaving you gasping for air for a full 21 minutes..  When you turn the album over and the “Death Rattle” kicks in, it’s with a certain relief, sorta like your last wish has been granted.. Here’s where the gravy turns groovy!  “Flight Patterns” functions as an old Indian defibrillator, and the wobbly bassdrum is sure to get your pump back in action. “Permanent Now” is about as funky as it gets, while “Brian Jonestown Masochist” is just what you expect, a laidback groovy sitar-tune that could easily come from the mind of one certain Anton. The title track “Cave Ritual” starts off with a psychedelic, fuzzy guitar-loop, and soon ads the very best possible sounds and beats you can squeeze out of your grandma’s old home-organ. “GodDaughters” signs the album out at it’s most hypnotic, making this a trip well worth taking (all) over. Splendid stuff again from Al, I tip my hat and raise my glass!  Salute!

Stolen Body Records delivers some sick wax as usual, and the first pressing of “Cave Rituals” is limited to 250 Purple in Green Vinyl LP!

NOTE! This is a pre-order, will ship on or around January 26th.

Be sure to check out Al Lover’s debut-album “Sacred Drugs” released in October this year HERE.


The Details

The release will come out on an extremely limited first run of 250 colour vinyl. Grab one while you can. We only have 140 pre orders available and the rest are headed out to shops.

This record shows how Al Lover can re invent his already unique style and come up with something as incredible as Cave Ritual. Starting with the incredibly tense Genesis Porridge at an amazing 20min 56sec the track could easily be found in the archives of some 80′s sic fi horror classic. The B side bring an overall 60′s garage rhythm mixed with vintage drum machine sounds and a little more of that 80′s sic fi feel. Altogether you won’t find another record with such a unique sound thats carved out so perfectly and leaving you asking “where can I get more?”.

1. Genesis Porridge
2. Death Rattle
3. Flight Patterns
4. Permanent Now
5. Brian Jonestown Masochist
6. Cave Ritual
7. GodDaughters

Price $20

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