20,000 Leagues Under The Sea toured for about half a year before turmoil arose and the band ended up in hibernation. During that tour, the band sold copies of this record. After the tour concluded, the remaining copies were stowed away in a closet and long forgotten…

…until now!! Hailing from Mobile, AL, their sound is comprised of the folky and the psychedelic. It’s a uniquely fresh and interesting sound that at times is even slightly qwerty…. in the best possible way of course! With a sound that, at times, is highly reminiscent of The Doors, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea draws influence from early jazz and surf rock as well. Given that they’re from the hometown of Mardi Gras… the music finds itself to be absolutely fitting in all the theatrical ways you may find yourself interpreting this music in your own head.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is currently in a state of transition. With a new lineup, new songs, and inevitably new horizons… this album serves as a snapshot for a band at an ultra creative time in it’s existence. It’s been said… “Those lucky enough to have been at their shows during this period will never forget the raw passion and self abandonment that was displayed during those sets.”

Take a moment out of your day and give this record some digestion. It’s absolutely worthy of a dedicated listen.

Be sure to snag a copy of this record via Alabama Astronaut Records before they’re gone!… if you so desire!!

“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea began in Mobile, AL around 2009. Starting with a lineup of four or less members at a time, the band grew in musicians as their sound grew and at one point consisted of more than ten members. The group has explored a spectrum of sounds rooted in psychedelic rock, old time folk, and all things aquatic, and lead singer David Maclay’s lyrics range from sing-along’s to contemplative poem.” – Rolfe Briney

The Details

The LP was pressed in 2013. There were 500 pressed but only around 300 sold. The band toured throughout the SouthEast and had a West Coast tour booked. Then they had some internal drama and selling the records got sidelined for a while. Now they have a new lineup, and will be releasing another LP of previously unavailable on vinyl tunes within the next few months along with hitting the studio for a new album with the new line up. So Ala Astro is pleased to be able to get these final 200 records in your hands, as 20KLUTS looks to blast off into 2015.

This album is – hands-down, no-contest – the best album ever to come from a Mobile, AL band. Those that were fortunate enough to see them live during this period saw a show that they will never forget. They were a seasoned band that were at their peaks in creativity. There is no filler on this album – just killer “Delta Psychedelic” sounds that will leave you haunted, but have you humming as well.

Well, enough talking about it - just take a listen for yourself…. and if you think it sounds good digitally, the vinyl will blow you mind. PROMISE!

Thanks to Abe Partridge for the tip!

Price $17

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea "Dance Dance Claire" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Burning Mirror Films on Vimeo.

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