Add Portuguese mind-altering cosmic wizards 10000 Russos to the ridiculously incredible Fuzz Club roster.  Has this label ever produced a sour note?  Ever?  NAY, my son.  Nay.  Their love of all things mind-melting and psychedelicizing continues to thrive, and 10000 Russos’ transcendental fuzz waves will continue the upward trend to Holy Mountain.

As is the case with any Fuzz Club product, the vinyl listening experience will take you on an extended journey and kick the doors of perception in your minds wide open.  You will most likely pass through a seemingly endless desert with no food or water to preserve your energy, but you must keep moving.  You will encounter death in the form of a large serpent, but mustn’t show any fear, or you’ll be swallowed whole.  It’s an intense listen, no doubt, but once you’ve broken on through to the other side (side B, that is), you will have found enlightenment and be changed forever.

Plus, it rocks.

The Details

Limited to 100
180g black & white vinyl
Silkscreened cover
Embossed, stamped, numbered

Price $38.75

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