I think sites really jump the shark whenever their “Top [whatever]” list of 2013 comes out within the first week of December. Now, I know it’s nearly impossible to listen to everything that is recorded, and published, in a year, but since the year isn’t even over artists and bands may just feel like dropping some new material in to market – in other words, they’re unpredictable. Releasing material in December is extremely risqué, so it is sparse… but it still happens. Look at Beyonce, Burial and Kool A.D. Heathered Pearls released an album in the middle of December last year. Whenever these bigger publications make their lists so early, they’re not giving other artists a chance. Woodworkings, the project of one Kyle Woodworth released his latest album day breaks the morning shapes we speak on December 12 and it is gorgeous. It will probably be glossed over since it was released “too late,” and it’s truly a shame. In it, you’ll find ebbing and swaying neo-classical, ambient and post-rock compositions that will calm you down indisputably. The cover with the out of focus trees and sunrise is even more soothing to look at. Check out day breaks the morning shapes we speak below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

woodworkings is the neoclassical and ambient music of Kyle Woodworth. "day breaks the morning shapes we speak" features much of its predecessor’s strong base of piano, cellos and guitars, but makes significant departures in tonal shifts, song structure, themes, scope and ambition. The new album is about distance and states — meaning both state of place and state of mind. At the end it is a tired and quiet triumph, but a triumph nonetheless, and "day breaks the morning shapes we speak" may offer the most beautiful tracks woodworkings has released yet.

Mastering by Taylor Deupree
Photography by Aurélie Scouarnec
released 12 December 2013

Price $13.7

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