Woodsman, one of the more interesting psychedelic bands going on today (which also happens to originate from Denver), had their extremely popular limited triple LP set go back on sale with a second edition. I believe the last time we wrote it up it sold out the day of, so if you’re on the fence you better decide what side you’re going to jump in to quickly. For $30, more or less, you’re getting two full-length albums and an EP at a $15 discount. Whether you’re wanting to soundtrack your cosmic journies in the vast heavens or your hike in one of the earth’s finest deserts or forests, Woodsman has your back. Fire Talk is giving you a great deal on this, and now that I think about it I am pretty positive it sold out when Mr. Hampton wrote it up THE SAME DAY. Don’t miss out, children. Listen to two of the albums via Bandcamp and Spotify streams below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

3 X LP Set from Woodsman including individual hand collaged gatefold jackets, hand numbered w/ ...

Woodsman - S/T LP - LTD Lemon Lime VInyl

Woodsman - Mystery Tape 12Inch EP - (Originaly out on LEFSE)

Woodsman - Rare Forms LP - 180gram

LTD to 20 Copies !!

Ships August 18th !

Price $29.99

Listen on Spotify

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