We Stood Like Kings is a post-rock band from Belgium. With Berlin 1927, the band plays their music over Walter Ruttmann’s 1927 silent city symphony “Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt.”

There is a lot of feeling and emotion that can be derived from watching these videos and hearing this music. For the many of us who have had to attend history classes throughout the years of education we’ve encountered, there’s always that mystique to things as you can never really attach the reality of past times to a reality in current times any more acutely than through your own vicarious assumptions of the happenings. At least that’s how I always felt on the subject.

With We Stood Like Kings, they have the ability to transport you back in time, with Berlin 1927, and breath new life into a symphonic, silent film that was compiled from clips of a period where the individuals that were a part of it were all-together unable to escape their environment. Life was that very moment; without the internet or modern day luxuries to elude it.

Paying an earnest homage, this album is something profound and resounding. We Stood Like Kings is an act that we must sit back in awe, appreciate, and applaud for the efforts they’ve pieced together with this work.

Kapitän Platte, in collaboration with Dunk!records, worked during the greater part of 2013 to see that this particular album was brought to tangible life on the vinyl format. It is now here!!

The pressing consists of 300 total records: 100 w/ a different photo on the front cover and different color letters whereas the remaining 200 are standard issue.

Check out a few gathered clips just below!!

The Details

(Pre-Order) We Stood Like Kings – Berlin 1927 2LP


Release date: mid of february

Trio from Belgium that has written a soundtrack for the silent movie "Berlin - Symphonie einer Großstadt" by Walter Ruttmann.

Musically it's instrumental post-rock in the vein of Explosions in the sky and EF and due to the piano with moments of classical music.

Double-LP in special fold-out cover with sticked in photos.

Limited edition of 300, first 100 with different photo on the front cover and different color of the letters.

Price $27

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